This section is dedicated to you telling me what’s on your mind. It can be anything–as long as it’s respectful.  Share poetry, what you ate last night, or random thoughts. This is an open space.

  • Ayokunle Osolakun

    great new website design! this is fresh!

  • Lewis

    Ajust a little poem experimenting with descriptive words and alliteration:

    it’s the feeling of fresh, warm covers from the dryer

    it’s the queasy weightlessness in my stomach as the roller-coaster drops 100feet

    it’s the sound of the breeze through the trees and the plinkety splitch of cool raindrops on my skin

    tangy dark chocolate with hints of cherry tentatively trickling,
    It’s the smell of fresh linens, crisp, light, airy.

    it crinkles a little like the bag of popcorn you gave me; wobbles like a newborn colt and speeds like the heartbeat of a small rodent.

    it’s the wind rushing past my ears as I pedal my hardest down a steep hill, beads of sweat rolling and cooling, beats of heart pumping and pounding, it is both liberating and terrifying

  • Maya’lee Goode

    Embodying you as my WHO AM I in my upcoming NAACP PAGENT ❤